Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary

Co-Founder & CEO

Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary, a stardust, human, dreamer, learner, believer, imperfectionist, entrepreneur, wanderlust, Nepali. loves sun, moon and everything in between.

Shakti Silwal

Business Operations Associate

Shakti Silwal is management graduate interested in economical analytics, research, reading books and nature fanatic.

Rajendra Kaini

Relationship Associate

Rajendra Kaini, is an MBA graduate, marketing and sales enthusiast and sports lover.

Subham Dhungel

Relationship Associate

Subham Dhungel is a sports lover and music enthusiast. Besides his work, he is fond of playing guitar. He is a daydreamer and helpful person in need.

Jagadish Bhatta

Relationship Associate

Jagadish Bhatta is strategic team player who keeps keen interest in networking and relationship management. He believes in living liberal lifestyle.

Reeha Bhatta

Relationship Associate
Reeha Bhatta is an enthusiastic learner also a people’s person. She believes in
relationship building . A born nature lover, her inclination towards sports and social activity makes her a best version of herself.

Jyoti Shrestha

Social Media Associate

Jyoti Shrestha is a friendly person, working as Relationship Associate in EXCOM

Alisha Gadal

Relationship Associate

Alisha Gadal is a friendly person, pursuing her BBS at Nirvana College. Apart from work, she loves singing.