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Beautiful house and the stunning interior is everyone’s dream. If you just have bought a new house or built one, you must be looking for great furniture ideas and inspiration. Here are following five go-to places in Kathmandu where you can find furniture of your choice for your dream house and office space.

Furniture Land:-

Furniture Land is the largest furniture showroom with a wide variety of furniture available in Nepal. With four showrooms and two warehouses present in Kathmandu, It has been supplying furniture to their customers since 2001. They supply high-quality furniture from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries.

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Index Furniture:-

If you are the one who is based in Lalitpur and looking for a home or office furnishing, Index Furniture is one stop solution for you. It is located in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Index Furniture Nepal is an exclusive franchise of Index Living Mall, which is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of lifestyle products in Asia with over 19 stores spread across Thailand covering 3 million sq. ft. and commanding over 25% of the furniture and home decorative markets.

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Imperial Furniture:-

Blending it with a living heritage of craftsmanship with the regal inspiration of Roman antiquity is the story behind Imperial Furniture. Their collection embodies a superior character that can only be derived from history’s finest methods and materials. Their pieces are finished with custom blended enamels and polished to accentuate the natural characteristics of the wood.


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Bira Furniture:-

With over 3 outlets, Bira Furniture is a choice for you! It’s their verse elegance over excellence. Bira furniture is one of the oldest wooden industry serving client since 1963 AD. Bira deals with all kind of wooden products, manufacturing and supplying furniture, door/windows, frames, trusses, parquets, wall panelling.

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Homemaker Pvt. Ltd. was established with the concept of introducing professional interior design services and innovative furniture in Nepal. A full team of architects, interior designers offer clients unique style suited to their personality, tastes, and budget line. Its competent implementing team has professional and practical experience in bringing complex construction and interior projects to reality.

Facebook Link: HomeMaker

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Real Estate in Nepal has been one of the main sector absorbing a large chunk of bank lending. We all know, it is also one of the fastest and easily scalable business in Nepal’s scenario. Demand and supply of house, land, apartment in urban Nepal has brought this new industry into its existence and that is online property buying and selling market.  As a number of people are migrating to metro cities and global brands and organisation being established in Nepal, the demand of Real Estate is growing higher. To meet up with clients’ tailored requirement, online portal is a technological gift.

Online portal works in a favor of both parties- Buyers and Sellers. It is serviceable to a mediator as well as people working as a Middle Man in this industry on a commission basis. Following are five Real Estate companies serving their customers/clients and doing Online Real Estate business in Nepal.


Hamrobazaar.com is a FREE online classified portal which enables individuals as well as companies to list a wide variety of new or used product via internet. Hamrobazar believes that Internet is an effective promotional vehicle as well as a communication channel that connect buyers and sellers. Hamrobazar helps to list your products for free.

Currently, there are 6132 properties including land, house and apartment listed in hamrobazaar online portal.



Lucky Group, a business house with a varied interest in manufacturing, trading and service sector since 1980, seeks to establish a strong presence in the realty sector. The Realtors was built to create highly engaging, personalized web experiences for customers with evolving needs whilst on the site.


1 Ropani is another online Real Estate business portal that aims to provide service to growing Real Estate need of Nepal.  Following are their four services and few unique selling point:

  • Simplifying Nepalese real estate market
  • Participation with 1Ropani.com can help you work smarter
  • 0% commission to 1Ropani.com on deal
  • Reduce unnecessary calls from non-potential buyers.



GharBazaar is an online marketplace for those who want to make a deal in their properties directly with the seller and buyer. Moreover, it is a bridge between buyer and seller. You can start promoting your property as a free listing or you can choose a premium service with a nominal fee. Your property will be displayed in a featured list (HomePage).



Housing Nepal aims to become a one-stop destination for anyone seeking information on Nepalese Real Estate and related professionals. The purpose is to provide an open hub for property seekers and sellers using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to engage in dialogue that may help facilitate the best Real Estate deals for prospective clients.



The online portal is a blessing to someone who is new to a city, someone who doesn’t have contact with a local broker or have any friends or family living around in a new city. It saves your time and money. Having said that, the way companies are mushrooming in the name of real estate agency and business house, the only ones to sustain are those having bigger vision and mission.