For Buyers

You can visit our website excom.asia or call our representative to find the house of your dream.

You can call us at 9802600333 or leave a message through our website or social media sites to let our representative know what additional requirements you have relating to a property.

It all depends as per your need, but we advise you to look and select properties before looking talking to the bank.

Yes, we strongly advise you to contact a relator as they have better knowledge about the local market and can help you find better deals.

For Sellers

You can visit our End-to-End services tab on our website, contact us on our social media pages or call us at 9802600222. A representative shall contact you within 24hrs to collect the information regarding your properties. Sign the listing agreement and fill in the property details to get listed.

We charge a standard commission of 3% on the successful transaction of the deal.

The contract between us shall be non-exclusive i.e you can choose to sell your house on your own even if you have signed an official contract with the company.

It is a contract between the owner of the property and the company, which states that in case of sale of the property by the company the company has the right to the standard commission rate set by the company.

The listing agreement can last from 3 months to 6 months depending upon the urgency of the sale.

Our first and foremost priority, here at Excom is to make your customer experience worthwhile but if in case we could not come together to make the deal happen, we would still be happy to cancel the contract but would love to keep in touch with you.

We do our best to keep you updated about your property’s deal and shall communicate to you at least once a week to update you about the progress through telephone.

We would do everything possible to make your property shine in the market. We shall adopt offline as well as online marketing approach to bring the best deals for you.

The straightforward answer to the question would be- Yes. But if your property is a vacant land or a new (unused) house, you can leave it up to our associates while you relax in your home.

For Partners

Firstly, you are expected to visit the office and meet the office representative. Then, you are expected to present the required documents mentioned in number 7 and wait for the company to conduct a background check on the given documents. Once the documents are verified, you can become a partner of Excom.

There is no fixed working hours for an Excom partner. The working hours shall be flexible and shall depend upon the requirements of the customers.

The income module shall be based on the commission policy of the company.

If you fulfill the requirements to be a Partner of the company, you can take part in our Real Estate Agent Training.

Yes, you are expected to have at 5 years or more in the field of real estate with the sound knowledge of local market you operating.

Once you become a certified Excom agents/partner you would have access to the referrals through the company in the areas you operate in, you can use the company’s inventory of properties to suit your needs.

If Company,
Company Registrar document, Photocopy of Company’s owner’s Citizenship
If Individual,
Photocopy of Citizenship