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Real Estate career can be a lucrative option for fresh graduates. With an amount of construction company increasing and industry becoming more standardised. Real Estate is becoming great career option in Nepal as well. If any of this is bothering you? Like,

“What to do after my graduation?”

“Should i start my own business?”

“Should i take over my family business?”

“Do i want to work in a bank or an NGO?”

“I’m yet to figure out what i want to pursue.”

These are the common answers that we often hear about from the recent college graduates. Not so often, do we hear about them wanting to have a career in real estate? Most of these fresh graduates have little or no idea that a career can be made out of this business in Nepal. Real estate is an unexplored career for these young graduates while it is one of the biggest, most popular and oldest industries worldwide. Now, I would not want to go over why the young graduates have always overlooked this industry, however, I shall talk to you about why it’s a good option to consider it now.

1. You can start off immediately after graduation

Graduates are often required to have the experience to land a good job today. But with training and coaching, fresh graduates can begin their career as a Real Estate Marketing Associates.  A few real estate companies like Excom and Brihat Property Solutions provide REMA

(Real Estate Marketing Training) that can help you kick-start your career.You can make more money than a corporate job.

As a real estate marketing agent, there is no limitation to the income that you can earn. It entirely depends upon the skills to develop a relationship with your clients. The more you sell, the more you can earn.

2. You have more freedom and flexibility.

Working as a real estate agent allows you to have more freedom and flexibility. As a real estate agent, it gives you enough time to pursue your hobby, allows you spend time with your family while you are working side by side and making career and money.

3. You can build your own personal brand.

One of the amazing benefits that you can get in this sector is the opportunity to build your own personal brand. We all know significance it carries in today’s competitive market to build your personal brand. In a unique sector like this, it is easy to build in as a young graduate.

4. You can grow your professional network for future rewards.

A benefit of being in this industry is limitless but if I still have to emphasise on how well you can grow your professional network is amazing. Network in this industry is a key and you will get to master it in short span of time. Not to forget, people you meet in this industry can always be your personal asset if you decide to keep them as one.

5. You can accumulate money for future investment.

If you want to earn money from real estate and invest in other businesses, this could be a good career option. Real estate not just only provides you with a steady income but you can also earn good amount of incentives.

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